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Property Apart
Ruska Str. 41/42, 50-079 Wrocław


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The hotline is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Due to the lack of a reception desk, the hotel only accepts online payments (payment methods: bank transfer, blik, card).

Affordable Accommodations – Wrocław City Center Will Meet Your Expectations

Property Apart is a company offering budget-friendly accommodations in the center of Wrocław. We have many apartments praised for their proximity to the market square, transportation hubs, and entertainment venues such as clubs, cinemas, and shopping galleries. Because of this, families with children, businessmen, and tourists all choose our apartments. Our budget accommodations are known for their advantageous prices, but this doesn't mean lower quality. We have ensured that the amenities always meet a high standard. Staying in the city center doesn't have to be expensive. Moreover, the excellent location allows for easy access to the airport, the railway station, or the bus station.

Budget Accommodations – Apartments and Their Amenities

We always pay special attention to ensuring that the interiors of our apartments are modern. After all, these are the expectations of today's tenants. That's why we provide as many amenities as possible to enhance comfort and make our budget accommodations in the center of Wrocław stand out. The apartments are equipped with constant internet access, allowing you to take care of professional duties during your stay. The rooms feature extremely comfortable double beds, trendy furniture, and flat-screen TVs. In addition, each apartment includes a dining area with a kitchenette and all the necessary appliances and utensils. The bathrooms with showers are designed to meet current standards. Every guest who chooses our budget accommodations in the center of Wrocław will also receive fresh bedding and a set of towels. The building also has an elevator, which is a great convenience for people with disabilities or those choosing accommodation on higher floors.
Safety is crucial for us, and our budget accommodations in the center are characterized by a special electronic access control system, allowing only tenants to enter. Our budget accommodations offer an excellent place to stay due to the conditions we provide.

Meals and Accommodations in the Center – Apartment with Breakfast

Listening to our customers' needs, we have introduced a full breakfast served in the form of a Swedish buffet to our properties located on Ruska Street and Jana Pawła II Square. Cold and hot dishes are available, with omelets and cereal being the most popular choices, which you can complement with seasonal fruits. The breakfast menu also includes:

  • a platter of cold cuts or cheeses,
  • fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • pickled vegetables,
  • delicious bread,
  • yogurts,
  • jams,
  • hot and cold beverages,
  • frankfurter sausages,
  • fried eggs.

We understand that many people want to reserve budget accommodations mainly. In the center of Wrocław, there are few offers as advantageous as ours, ensuring not only accommodations but also a place to eat. The price for one breakfast is 35 PLN per person. A healthy and hearty meal is the perfect start to any successful day, so we encourage you to choose this option.

Comprehensive Accommodations in the Center – Apartment with Parking

Many of our guests arrive by car. Therefore, we suggest leaving your vehicle right on the street where the apartments are located. Our accommodations, which you can rent from us, are located on Ruska Street, and the recommended parking is just 100 meters away. How much does a parking space cost? 40 PLN per day. Importantly, due to the limited number of spaces, advance booking is required. All of this will make it worthwhile to choose the offered parking and budget accommodations in our high-standard quarters. Wrocław's city center is considered safe, but it's still better to opt for a trusted parking facility with good reviews and affordable prices.

Budget Accommodations in the Center of Wrocław – For Individual and Business Clients

Traveling to the capital of Lower Silesia can be motivated by various reasons. Our budget accommodations in the center of Wrocław are the perfect place to stay for those looking for relaxation, wanting to explore the city's landmarks and cultural offerings, as well as clients dealing with business matters. Our properties are also perfect for planning a stay during the May holidays.
Because we offer apartments of different sizes, people looking for an apartment for a short business trip, couples, families with children, or groups of friends planning a joint trip to Wrocław can find something that suits their needs. We present various budget accommodations for rent in the city center on our website, which you can tailor to your expectations and requirements. All the apartments offered here are described in detail, which should make it much easier to make a decision when choosing a specific studio. We are also happy to provide additional information about them.

Advantages of Choosing Our Apartments for Rent

In summary, choosing Property Apart's offer comes with many benefits. Our budget accommodations offer:

  • an excellent location – the apartments are located in the very center of Wrocław, which means that guests can easily reach all the city's main attractions.
  • a high standard – all apartments are equipped with necessary amenities, functional and tailored to guests' needs,
  • flexible accommodation options – there are smaller and larger quarters to choose from, tailored to preferences and budgets. The rentals we offer allow you to plan both short business trips and longer vacations.
  • top-level service – we are at your disposal throughout your stay.
  • a favorable price – we guarantee budget accommodations.
  • safety and privacy – choosing an apartment provides a lot of personal space and privacy.

If you are looking for accommodations for rent in the center of Wrocław, offering a high standard of stay, we invite you to take advantage of Property Apart's offer!