Luxury Apartment in the Center

This is an excellent offer for anyone looking to relax in a comfortable, modern, and perfectly located place. Take a look at what our apartments for rent in the center of Wrocław look like; we provide accommodations at a high level. We invite you to explore our offer!

Luxury Apartments in Wrocław

A wonderful atmosphere, an intimate ambiance, comfort, and style – these are the terms that best describe Property Apart properties. We offer beautiful, modern, and luxury apartments in Wrocław designed for accommodations. Renting a comfortable residence on Ruska Street is the best choice in the capital of Lower Silesia. It guarantees the opportunity to spend a vacation in the most prestigious and architecturally interesting district of Wrocław. Our exclusive apartments are located right in the city center, close to the most important landmarks, restaurants, and cultural venues. From this point, you can easily access any part of our city.

Luxury Apartments in Wrocław – Renting for the Discerning

Property Apart offers comfortable and charming apartments. Renting them for accommodations allows for various housing options. The convenient location enables easy access to the airport, train station, and bus station. At the same time, our luxury apartments are situated on a quiet street, just steps away from one of the main arteries of the city. Are you coming to Wrocław for a film festival? Organizing a business meeting? Or perhaps you just want to have a fantastic vacation here? Regardless of the purpose, renting luxury apartments is available throughout the year. Whether it's summer or winter, you'll have a comfortable place to stay, as well as the opportunity to explore the city center at any time of day or night, without the need for a taxi, bus, or tram. The area also boasts numerous cinemas, theaters, clubs, and galleries. Excellent location is just one of the advantages of our apartments. Each one stands out with its elegance and stylish furnishings. If you are interested in luxury apartments known for their comfort, functionality, and beautifully decorated interiors, these options are available in our offer. We offer accommodations that cater to those who value high quality, including business and individual clients. Do you prefer a peaceful and intimate atmosphere? Property Apart House is the perfect place on the map of Lower Silesia.

Renting Luxury Apartments – Convenience, Modernity, and Aesthetic Appeal

Our apartments are located on Ruska Street, Jana Pawła II Square, and Legnicka Street, and they are designed for a maximum of two people. Each one offers internet access and two comfortable double beds. Guests can watch television in the exclusive apartments in the center of Wrocław, and most of them are equipped with spacious closets. All accommodations are stylish and very modern, following current interior design trends. Each apartment is additionally equipped with a kitchenette and a dining and seating area. Therefore, when it comes to luxury apartments, renting them through Property Apart ensures maximum comfort and a visually pleasing decor, allowing our guests to feel at home. The well-designed sleeping space allows for relaxation after a day of sightseeing or hours of business meetings, conferences, or training sessions. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a more or less spacious room. In addition to tastefully decorated interiors, our professional staff sets us apart. They are ready to offer advice on choosing places worth visiting in the capital of Lower Silesia. Our aparthotel also offers a breakfast option. Furthermore, thanks to the dedicated dining and seating area within the apartment, you have the option to prepare meals independently. In our luxury apartments in the center of Wrocław, you will find a refrigerator, an electric kettle, and an induction cooktop, as well as tableware and cutlery.

Luxury Apartment – Comfortable Living

When going on vacation, attending a family event, an art or film festival, or a business meeting, comfortable rest is of paramount importance. Opting for a luxury apartment in the center of Wrocław, you can be sure it will meet all expectations. This is primarily a well-equipped residence with a high standard. In some of the properties designated for accommodations, lessees receive amenities like an electric kettle, an induction cooktop, tableware, and cutlery, allowing them to prepare their favorite meals independently. Our offered luxury apartments also feature a high standard of room finishings. Therefore, because they are attractively and elegantly decorated, equipped with top-quality appliances and furniture, you will feel exceptionally comfortable. The basis of these accommodations includes comfortable sofas, couches, or armchairs.

Accommodation in a Luxury Apartment – For Those Who Value Privacy

When considering a several-day trip, is it better to choose a hotel? This is a question that many people planning a visit to Wrocław may ask themselves. If you value privacy, renting a luxury apartment through Property Apart is undoubtedly the better solution. This is the choice for those who don't want to, for example:

  • Meet other hotel guests or staff in the hallway
  • Adapt to set meal times and who dream of peace and quiet during their stay. Choosing accommodation in an apartment is also ideal for larger family trips or meetings with friends because they can spend time closer to one another. Our properties in the city center will serve as a second home for our guests.

Contact Property Apart – Rent Luxury Apartments Now

If you appreciate luxury, comfort, space, and privacy, Property Apart is an excellent solution for both a weekend and an extended vacation. It's worth securing accommodation in the very heart of the city to experience the atmosphere of this unique, over 1000-year-old city. Would you like to visit our luxury apartments? Renting them is straightforward – just give us a call to reserve your chosen exclusive apartment. Contact us today!


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