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The hotline is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Due to the lack of a reception desk, the hotel only accepts online payments (payment methods: bank transfer, blik, card).

Offer for soft lofts - Wroclaw rental

Our soft lofts are located in Wroclaw on Legnicka Street. Everyone who decides to use our apartments will be able not only to have a nice time, but also to relax at the highest level. Each loft is equipped with the highest quality equipment, so you just need to pack the most necessary things and come to us. It is necessary to choose when and for how long you want to book apartments. Rental, or rather the costs associated with it depends, among other things, on the number of people who decide to stay with us. Once all these details are established, you should contact us to rent a loft. Legnica apartments for companies is a very popular offer. Our existing customers appreciate this location for its safety, prestige, but also for the benefit of people of different ages. All this makes it possible to decide on a lease that will last a day, a few days, weeks or even months depending on your needs.

Modern soft lofts Rental with class

What distinguishes our soft lofts is primarily their unique design. By arranging the interior in accordance with the latest trends, everyone will feel extremely pleasant and cozy inside. Today, soft lofts are rented primarily through the eyes, so we take care of every detail associated with the appearance and functionality. One should not forget that they have a timeless facade, which is distinguished by Legnicka Street Business Rooms make you simply want to stay in them regardless of circumstances. After all, they are famous for being stylized on post-industrial interiors. This unique style makes our guests are impressed with the way we designed our soft lofts. Renting this type of apartments makes staying there an amazing experience and our guests are happy to come back to us whenever they are in Wroclaw again.

Advantages of soft lofts Rental only with us

Everyone who chooses our apartments will be able to enjoy many benefits. We have made sure that they are properly located. Proximity to the center of Wroclaw is very important, because thanks to this you can easily reach many valued restaurants, clubs, monuments, cultural sites or important transportation hubs. Spacious rooms and a large area - this is also what Legnica Apartments for companies and individuals is famous for. Apartments for companies and individuals are a perfect solution when you expect a place where you can relax between meetings or even organize a business meeting. We have many apartments for companies on Legnicka Street, so everyone can choose the one that suits their tastes best and at the same time meet their expectations in terms of comfort, functionality and, of course, price.

Legnicka Street - Apartments for companies that pay off

Renting our soft lofts is an excellent solution especially for employees, bosses and partners. Many companies decide to organize integration trips or even meetings outside the place where the company headquarters is located. Then it will be necessary to find accommodation for a few days or just for a weekend. We provide the possibility of renting an apartment on Legnicka Street for companies that pay attention not only to a good location, but also to full confidentiality. It is worth to have a permanent place where the employees or the management can stop and stay overnight when needed, e.g. a business meeting will be prolonged or a few days' training will take place in Wroclaw on Legnicka Street. Apartments for businesses must be very representative, as they will affect the company's reputation and quality, so employees or partners cannot be allowed to stay overnight in places of low standard. Therefore, it is best to rent a soft loft and stop wasting time on the exhausting search for a perfect accommodation in the very center of Wroclaw. We invite you to make contact.