Accommodation for Businesses in Wrocław City Center: The Perfect Blend of Business and Leisure

We warmly invite all businesses seeking comfortable accommodations for their employees in the center of Wrocław to cooperate with us. Our properties are just a few minutes away from the Market Square – ul. Ruska and Plac Jana Pawła II, which serve as the heart of the city's business and cultural life, as well as the meeting point for major transportation routes. Our apartments allow easy access to the Main Railway Station, the Bus Station, and the airport. We've enriched our offer with stylishly designed soft loft apartments located on Przedmiejska Street (off Legnicka Street). They are situated near the largest business centers in the city, such as LEGNICKA BUSINESS HOUSE, Centrum Konferencyjne LETIA BUSINESS CENTER, and BUSINESS GARDEN. In terms of business apartments, Wrocław has many interesting options, but it's our accommodations that open up the opportunity to get to know this beautiful city better. As you know, the quality of relaxation after work affects productivity and employee satisfaction. Therefore, our location is in close proximity to the best restaurants, cafes, and historical landmarks in Wrocław.

Business Apartments – Short or Extended Stay Rentals

Depending on your needs, we offer rental options for stays by the day or week. For regular business trips, we encourage you to take advantage of our corporate program, which offers a 10% discount off the regular price for renting our business apartments. As for weekly and longer stays, prices are determined individually. This way, we can tailor the best offer for your business accommodation needs. Establishing a permanent place for your employees to stay proves not only to be very cost-effective but also guarantees savings of valuable time associated with organizing business trips. This is why, if you are looking for a favorable offer for business accommodation, the center of Lower Silesia invites you to our Property Apart Aparthotel, where we ensure a good working relationship.

Amenities in Business Apartments in Wrocław

We designed our apartments with the comfort of our guests in mind. The furnishings include modern furniture and other essential amenities. In terms of amenities for business stays, the center of Property Apart apartments offers:

  • Free internet access
  • Comfortable double beds
  • Fully equipped kitchenette
  • Business rooms with a dining and relaxation area
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Private bathrooms with showers or bathtubs
  • Fresh bedding, towels, a hairdryer, an ironing set
  • Building with an elevator
  • Electronic access control system
  • Parking space
  • Balconies or terraces

Business Trips in a Safe and Pleasant Atmosphere

Our business apartments are interiors filled with luxury and at the same time, create a very intimate and cozy atmosphere. We provide conditions conducive to peaceful work – comfortably furnished and adequately prepared rooms for guests, understated, minimalist color schemes, and professional resident support in case of any issues. In terms of business accommodation, the center of Property Apart's business apartments offers the perfect conditions for work, business meetings, and relaxation after an intense day. We have installed digital locks in the apartments, which provide an additional level of security and make it easier to enter the premises, eliminating concerns about lost keys. Guests have one code that opens the entrance door throughout the reservation. This ensures both convenience and safety during your stay. So, if you are interested in comfortable business accommodation, the center of business apartments at Property

Apart offers a stay full of conveniences.

On Ruska Street and Przedmiejska Street, we have our own parking. For an additional fee, our guests can leave their cars in a secure place for the duration of their stay. Due to the limited number of parking spaces, advance booking is required. In other locations, there are public parking facilities available without reservations. Upon request, we issue VAT invoices for the stay. Please contact us to discuss and finalize your reservation for unique business apartments – our business accommodations at Property Apart. Reservation is straightforward, and with the help of experienced and qualified service staff, all formalities will be completed quickly and smoothly.

Affordably Priced Business Accommodations in Business Apartments

Every business trip generates certain costs, with accommodation for employees being the most significant. The prices we offer for business accommodations in business apartments are so attractive that it's worth considering them when planning your trip to Wrocław. Our proposals may turn out to be much more advantageous than renting a hotel room.
Furthermore, beautifully arranged interiors will be a perfect place to relax after a hard day's work. We strive for every studio apartment we offer to feel like home, especially for longer business trips. All our business apartments offered in the center of Wrocław are an excellent choice for business accommodation. It's worth familiarizing yourself with their detailed offer.

When Should You Reserve Our Apartments?

If your clients value seamless work and privacy while traveling, utilizing our offer will be the best solution! Business apartments allow for complete freedom of action, similar to being at home or in a private office. The high level of peace and tranquility helps you concentrate fully. Moreover, all the technical amenities and others we provide for your business duties and relaxation speak for reserving accommodations for businesses in the center of Wrocław.
Property Apart's offer is available year-round, so you can rent one of our apartments at any time for as long as you need. It's also worth mentioning that we serve clients in both Polish and English. The capital of Lower Silesia is eagerly visited by foreign tourists and contractors, so we are happy to assist clients in hosting them. To ensure accommodations for your employees during business trips, it's essential to provide a suitable standard and comfort in the center of Wrocław. We invite you to take advantage of our company's proposal and reserve accommodations in attractive business apartments!


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