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Property Apart
Plac Jana Pawła II 32, 50-043 Wrocław


 +48 735 143 143


The hotline is open daily from 9.00 to 21.00

Due to the lack of a reception desk, the hotel only accepts online payments (payment methods: bank transfer, blik, card). 

Affordable Accommodation – Wrocław centre will meet your expectations

Property Apart is a company offering accommodation at competitive prices in the centre of Wrocław. We have many apartments that are appreciated, among others, for being so close to the marketplace, transportation hubs and entertainment venues, such as clubs, cinemas and shopping malls. Thanks to this, both families with children, businessmen and tourists choose our apartments. Accommodation at a favourable price does not mean lower quality in this case, as we have made sure that the facilities are always of a high standard. You can choose our cheap accommodations without any worries, the center of such a big city does not have to cost much. In addition, the excellent location allows for quick access to the airport, railway or bus station.

Affordable Accommodation – Apartments and their facilities

We always pay special attention to make the interiors of our apartments modern. After all, these are the expectations of today's tenants. For this reason, we place as many improvements as possible, which increase comfort and thus distinguish the accommodation we offer. The apartments have been equipped with constant access to the Internet, thanks to which you can also perform your professional duties there.

The rooms contain extremely comfortable double beds, fashionable furniture and flat-screen TVs. In addition, the apartment also has a dining area, equipped with a kitchenette and all necessary equipment and utensils. The bathroom with a shower was designed according to current standards. Every guest who will use our inexpensive accommodation in the centre of Wrocław will also receive fresh linen and a set of towels.

There is also an elevator in the building, which is a great convenience for the disabled, those with mobility problems or those choosing to stay on the upper floor.

Safety is of great importance to us and this is what our accommodation in the Centre is about, the building has a special electronic access control system, allowing only guests to get inside.

Catering and accommodation in the centre – Apartment with breakfast

Listening to the needs of our customers, we have introduced to our offer a full-value breakfast served as a buffet. You can choose between cold and hot dishes. The most popular are of course scrambled eggs and cereals, to which seasonal fruit can be added.

The breakfast menu is also included:

  • a plateau of sausages or cheeses,
  • fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • pickled vegetables,
  • delicious bread,
  • yoghurt,
  • jams,
  • hot or cold beverages,
  • frankfurter sausages,
  • fried eggs.

We realize that many people want to rent mostly low-cost accommodation. The center of Wrocław is a place where there are few such favorable offers as ours. The price of one breakfast is 35 PLN/person. A healthy and nutritious meal is a perfect start to every successful day, so we encourage you to choose this option.

Complex accommodation in the centre – Apartment with parking lot

Many of our guests arrive in their own cars. For this reason, we suggest that you leave your car right next to the street where the apartments are located. Accommodation, which can be rented from us, is located on Ruska Street, and the recommended parking is only 100m away. How much does it cost to pay for a parking space? 40 PLN per day. What is important, due to the limited number of places, it is necessary to make an earlier reservation. You will no longer have to worry about your car, as it will be in a guarded area for 24 hours a day. All this will make it still worthwhile to choose the offered parking and our inexpensive accommodation. The centre of Wrocław is considered to be safe, but it is still better to decide on a proven car park, enjoying good reviews and favourable prices.