Aparthotel Property Apart
offers rental of apartments

Aparthotel Property Apart offers rental of apartments located in the prestigious location of Wroclaw, in the immediate vicinity of the Wroclaw Market Square.

High quality and attention to detail are only a few of our advantages. We make every effort to make the stay in our apartments unique.

The combination of classic style with a touch of modernity and contemporary design makes our apartments meet the expectations of the most demanding guests. All apartments have permanent access to the Internet, cable TV, a kitchenette, a sleeping area and a rest - dining area.

Apartamenty usytuowane są w dzielnicy Stare Miasto, zaledwie kilka kroków od Rynku, licznych klubów, restauracji i kawiarni, czyli wszędzie tam, gdzie Wrocław tętni życiem.

The apartments are located in the Old Town district, just a few steps away from the Market Square, numerous clubs, restaurants and cafes, which is where Wroclaw is bursting with life.

The location of the apartments enables efficient communication with other parts of the city as well as quick access to the airport, railway or bus station.

Property Apart staff speaks Polish and English.;

Why choose to stay in Aparthotel Property Apart?

  • Total score 9.2/10 meaning "Excellent" based on over 1000 opinions of our Guests
  • The location of our apartments in the very center of Wrocław has been rated at 9.6/10 by those using our services
  • Cleanliness, staff, comfort and conveniences are another of our advantages evaluated on a 9/10 scale.
  • Our guests appreciate the comfortable beds and door codes, which simplify and speed up the process of accommodation and check-out.

Advantages of our apartments

  • High standard of finishing and furnishing of the apartments
  • All apartments are located in the city centre, only 300m from the Wrocław Market Square.
  • Apartments are located in new or renovated buildings
  • We offer a private underground car park for 40 PLN/day, located in front of our building.
  • Free WIFI connection
  • Breakfast for 35 PLN/person
  • Possibility to pay for the stay in cash, by card or bank transfer
  • No hidden costs
  • Discounts for regular customers

Apartments for the Weekend – Wrocław Invites You

Many of our guests appreciate the attractions of Wrocław, which is why they decide to visit for a few days. By renting affordable apartments by the day, they can explore the most interesting places, such as the Market Square with the Town Hall, the Racławice Panorama, Ostrów Tumski, or Słodowa Island. The proximity to culture is something that is appreciated in all our apartments. Renting for the weekend is an excellent way to temporarily break away from everyday life. This change of environment adds a lot of energy, allows you to relax, and recharge.

Additionally, the central location of our apartments allows guests to easily walk to many of Wrocław's famous landmarks. Renting cheap apartments by the day or for weekends in the Old Town gives us an advantage over the competition because every guest can easily reach their chosen location on the map on foot. If the desired location is farther away, various means of transportation are available, such as public transport, taxis, trains, or even planes. Since both the train station and the airport are located nearby, there is no need to spend a lot of money on transportation. For this reason, many of our guests choose to leave their cars at home.

When is it worth choosing our affordable accommodations in our apartments?

First and foremost, we prioritize the quality of the services we provide, meaning we offer stays in properties with a suitable standard at a good price. We offer cheap accommodations, and our rental apartments are available for varying periods according to our customers' needs. We rent luxury-equipped apartments in the Old Town of Wrocław by the day, allowing you to plan a comfortable stay, such as a weekend.

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What is the process of renting an apartment like?

Here are some pieces of information that may be helpful. The check-in time at Property Apart starts at 3:00 PM and ends at 11:00 AM the next day. However, early check-in is possible; just contact our staff. Since we don't have a traditional reception, every apartment for rent by the day is accessed using special codes sent to customers via SMS. It's a straightforward and quick process, and every guest can feel safe.

We guarantee that our cheap accommodations in the Old Town of Wrocław are free of hidden costs, and the established price is the final offer. When booking an apartment for rent, for example, for a weekend, customers can make payments in three ways: by card, bank transfer, or using BLIK.

All the affordable apartments by the day we offer are located in excellent locations in new or renovated buildings.

An apartment in Wrocław is a great option not only for the weekend!

This is an excellent choice for those who come to the capital of Lower Silesia for business trips, weddings, or other family events. Our offered apartments for the weekend in Wrocław are an excellent option to provide affordable accommodation. The available apartments are also a great choice for couples or groups of friends looking to explore the Old Town and other important and interesting places in the city.

Often, companies also take advantage of Property Apart's offerings. In their case, the rooms we offer are ideal for business trips and more. In addition to that, apartments for the day in Wrocław are a great solution for employees who come here for business meetings, training, conferences, or other events. In our apartments, they have not only ideal working conditions but also a place to relax after a hard day's work.

The excellent location where we provide affordable accommodations is also a good choice for those unfamiliar with the capital of Lower Silesia. The Old Town is the most well-known part of the Wrocław agglomeration. As a result, it's close to many local attractions, and various forms of public transportation are available.

What amenities are waiting for our guests in our cheap apartments?

We provide, among other things, continuous access to free internet. The apartments we offer by the day also have the necessary equipment for preparing meals independently.

In addition, in the apartments in the city center - ul. Ruska and pl. Jana Pawła II - there is an option to purchase buffet-style breakfasts. Furthermore, on ul. Ruska and ul. Przedmiejska, parking is available for an additional fee. However, due to limited space, reservations should be made in advance.

Promotions for apartments for rent – Wrocław is worth it

We are very pleased when our guests, who have visited us before and decided to rent an apartment for a day, a weekend, or longer, return. This is evidence that we have met their expectations, and our offer has appealed to them, which is extremely important. Especially for such occasions, we offer individual prices for loyal customers. Companies, in particular, benefit from this option, as they often send their employees on business trips or training sessions and frequently choose our Old Town apartments as their accommodation.

It is equally important for us to offer daily apartment rates that are favorable and, above all, reflect our offer. Everyone can choose our apartments by the day; the city center may be associated with high prices, but this does not have to be true. First, decide to choose our company, and then reserve a longer stay. We have noticed that many guests repeatedly come to us for long weekends or multi-day vacations. Therefore, we offer special discounts. For regular guests, we can offer a discount. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about hidden costs when paying for our apartments. Wrocław Stare Miasto, the place where we welcome our guests, is known for its honesty and hospitality. As a result, everyone feels safe and comfortable, regardless of how long they are staying with us.

Reservations for renting apartments by the day or for weekends can be made in both Polish and English. We invite you to take advantage of affordable accommodations today!